Step up 2

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 Let me first say that this is no You Got served. I spent the evening with some good friends watching this fine movie Step it up 2. A tale about a girl trying to find herself in dance. She is from the streets yes her mom died and yes she gets in trouble a lot and is about to be sent to her aunts house until she gets into the hardest school in whatever city usa. Yes she makes it in the end.  Yes there is a big dance of where one crew goes against another. Yes it was in the rain. Yes that was cool. First off I kept yelling less talking and more dancing.  You weren’t hired for your acting skills or maybe you were. Here is why I love these movies.  Because for 90 minutes you dont have to learn anything. You dont have to be made aware of a cause or care about anything. This is a true movie.  Unlike Rambo (yes I saw that) I think these movies are made to be a little funny. Not a lot funny but just a little.

 Im still trying to clean the place up. Yes I will have you got served playing in the background. Why is it that you find friends when you weren’t even looking?  Why is it that some people you just dont get over?  Well on with it. Seems tour theme is the thing to talk about this week. Haven’t really started on that gonna start talking with some kids on the next couple of tours may not need to from what I hear. Why is my house such a mess you  may ask. not having a full day to clean and between work and etc. its not high on the priority list when I come home. So now at 10:30 I continue the task after a good break. next up my bathroom.  The place where you wish you had a janitor to do the work even though its your own mess (that’s kinda funny when you think about it….mess….hmmm. But that’s another story. It was a good day.