A little taste


Sunday continues to be the most segregated times of the week.   Every sunday morning our respected races go to our church. We take our places and talk about changing the world.  I think we would chalk it up to we all worship different so this is our way of worshiping next to people who  and feel like us.  Enlightened  ones realize that all black, chinese, white, etc. dont all think the same.  That’s about as stupid as you are trying to talk black or why you trying to act white.  Take the company I work for. When I am asked hey can you take more pictures of minorities to show all races I say “well I would be taking pictures of the same groups” and then I say they dont come.  For the few that do come you may ask do I go out of my way to encourage them and welcome them. I  would ask welcome them to what.  I have pitched people of color groups on the stage only to be told that our guest arent into that stuff.  I almost went too far.  I have lived in a weird sort of world all my life.  I was born in Jamaica to great parents that divorced when I was in I think 6th grade it was uneventful. I dont even remember it. Anyway they taught me to be me.  Never pushed who I should be with or even question me about who I dated.  That is another story. Anyway I never understand why people are so scared to talk about race. Its usually people who never had to deal with it so they ask what’s the big deal. When when you’ve been called a nigger on the basketball court you end up having to deal with it.  When I walk in downtown birmingham you can feel it.  Race is still factor.  Every time you that hair stands up on the back of your neck when you take the wrong turn in a neighborhood. Race is still a factor.  Our company does try. They really do. I am proud of that. But there is still room.  That goes from the music we put on the stage to the people we have speak to students to even how the message is crafted.  So what do I think of Race Im voting for Obama because he’s black. Gotcha.  Oh and I’m not scared of talking about Politics either.  Im proud to be in a country where we can have a knock down drag out fight with politics and no one has to die.  I know strange to be proud of that but I am.   Ok Im at the end of the line. I’m proud of my self  I think.  Look people. Be proud of what we have done and will do.  Tune next time when we talk Colonialism and how it still effects Africa today. More than you know it.  I’m also still adhering to my no read policy so if there is a didn’t that should be a did. you know what I mean.