Planet of the apes=Circle of Iron

I love the planet of the apes movies. I dont know why I haven’t bought the box set. Anyone out there looking for a gift for me that’s it.  Why am i talking about this? Right now when I shoudl be leaving for work Im watching a movie called Circle of Iron a movie made in 1979. ITs abou ta dude who goes on a quest to find Znon. During this quest he has trials that he must go through.  He has had to best a monkey dude and talk with a guy who puts himself in oil for ten years to get rid of his. mmmmhmm. Yeah whatever your thinking its that. Im assuming that martial arts dude from the old west will show up soon.  I will need to dvr this I gotta get to work.  Ok he is talking to death right now.  Man the 70’s made some awesome movies.  Guess what the guy from Kung Fu jus showed up ah that’s who David Carridine thought the other guy was the star