The A-team


Ok folks this is a shout out to this team. We’ll start from left to right. That’s my friend Nick. Nick and I have disagreements all the time but most of the time its because I’m trying to understand what he’s talking about. He’s real smart and knows more about video than most video guys who know video. A trait that he likes to talk about is that he directs like he’s directing choir. Next to him is Ben. Ben I started calling granola. He’s not really like that I just like to call him that because he likes to hike and hang out outside. he’s one of those straight funny guys or a least he makes me laugh. Next to him is Andy. Andy… I can never really put my finger on it. He has quirky sense about him. He loves texting. Wait let me repeat he loves texting. Next to him is Jarrod. Jarrod is married and I would say is the papa of the actors. Not just the oldest but I would say a really cool uncle. He used to be a youth minister. Its good to have him on the other side. Next up is Shorty. Shorty is a good guy who tries really hard to be a good guy and ends up doing it. Just a second ago he brought us water and one of those flavor things. He’s just a nice guy. Next to him Is Jo Lynn. I always say she is older but she’s not she’s just more mature than I am. From the moment she started with us she has been a joy to be around…even when she gets on me. Next is me so I got nothing to say but aint he sexy. Hey ladies I love it when you ask me out. i dont look down on you. Ok after me is Stacie. Stacie just got a nose ring and it looks great. Stacie is a full throttle kind of girl. She loves big. She is one of those girls that I would say is just cool. It maybe because of the nose ring. Kurtis is the guy next to me. I would call him a big teddy bear. When you hear big laughter somewhere on tour its probably him. He’s they guy you want sitting at your table because you know you’ll be having a good time. Infront of Kurtis is Lonnie or Lauren. Lonnie shows on her face when she’s thinking. She can go from 0 to 100 in two seconds. Lonnie makes me nervous because she’s cool so you dont want to act stupid around her. Next to lonnie is a girl named Whitney. Whitney and I have a running joke about how much we don’t like each other or that we have serious problems with each other. Its all an act. Whitney has been in love with me for so long. Ok folks Im just kidding. Whitney is really cool. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her. Like Andy she loves something She loves working out. I mean she loves working out. Behind Whitney is Jason. He has been my technical savior. I rarely have to worry about if something is not done. I don’t know about most of the things that he does. We have become good friends I think. I trust him and I hope he trusts me. Next to Jason is Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a guy I had always wanted him to work for us. From the first time when he did a short film for us I wanted him to work for us. I always like what he does on stage call me crazy. Ok I’ve wanted to get to her. Infront of him is a girl named Kayla is a Joy to be around. No matter what she says she is a pick. Whoever makes a move on Kayla will not be disappointed. There are girls that I meet that I say. Wow you’re great. Well she is one of them. So guys you better be pretty good. Next to Kayla is ball of energy John. John goes a hundred miles a minute. He also goes above and beyond. He’s that guy that fills in the gaps. When you are wondering who did that i twas probably him. Behind him is Matt. He’s our FOH sound guy. He has a quirky personality about him. I like him. He cares about what he is doing and never really gets that upset and that’s what I like about him. Ok folks we are almost done. Next to Matt is Ross. Ross is our monitor engineer. So he has seen the program from back stage most of tour. He’s a good kid who is finding his way. I like it when people come to work for us and find a new passion or they get energized about an old one. Check out his blog from my blogroll. Last but not least is my friend Jared. Jared is our resident abercrombie dude. Loves people and what he is doing. I hope he finds his way overseas. He has a been a joy to work with and I look forward getting to know the kid more. Ok well that’s the team. A great group of young people that gave up their weekends to do what we are doing right now. They have shown me how to serve and I would not do it with any other team. Getting back in it with these guys is great. A little update. Whitnety just came up and we played the same thing. She says why arent you working and I say you will feel bad when you find out what I’m doing . She went away laughing. Fun times.