An apology

I feel that I must apologize. I apologize to the readers of this blog that I have given you no food for thought. I apologize that I have filled it with silly videos with no commentary and pictures that make no sense. I apologize that this has not been a very good experience for you and anyone that you had referred here. I apologize for not writing comments on your blogs or even referencing the great profound things you have said to me. Sorry for being lame. I think Im realizing that I dont have pages and pages on the matter of faith. So many of my cohorts have much better things to say on that. I dont have family stories…I dont really work out my issues in writing so what to do. Maybe silly clips are the extent of my thoughts. May sound like Ive lost my passion. Need to find that. Find that and i’ll write again. The thought of a new relationship sometimes does that. Hmmm. Well like I said sorry. Going to think about maybe making this the last entry. We’ll see.


One thought on “An apology

  1. I love your blog. It makes me laugh, makes me think. Don’t try to be anyone other than yourself on your blog. So other people have more to say about religion or faith than you do… offer me new perspectives on race and politics that I find refreshing. And silly videos and pictures definitely have their place. I guess just take encouragement from a similarly frustrated, sometimes blogger who actually reads your blog all the way from California and feels connected to her friend she left back East. Don’t stop writing.

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