I dont think that I’ll start with the standard its been awhile.  Im back in class and so far it has been exactly what I expected.  I’m at the get through it point.  The office is starting to normalize I think.  I was pretty blind to a bunch of stuff so this could all be in my head.  The house is real quite sometimes too quiet. Ive thought of a roommate but I really cant think of anyone. The peson that I did think about already has a place.  The rest of the single people I know all happen to be girls and in the deep south that is out of the question I guess.  So its me in an empty house.  It will be a year in October that Ive been here. Wow how time flies. I’ve learned a lot about the whole home thing. I think Ive done a good job. This is the point in writing where you kinda run out of things to say so you just keep typing. That other blog I need to start soon. I’ll do that this week.  Work I could talk about that. It seems that we are rebuilding I think. We have lost some people so its time to start over again.  I had to do that a couple of years ago. You know I think there is a time when you find out that you are in a career. Like I’m not really looking to do anything else You may be asking yourself about school well sometimes you need something else going on.   Ok.  You ever notice when you dont have a chance with someone. When you start thinking about the options and you come to the realization that that is just not going to happen so you reevaluate the entire relationship.  I’m having one of those moments. Anyway movingg on. My weeks are now defined by how many class I have this week. This week I only have two and next week because of an event we are doing i wont be at two next week.  One class it will be like three weeks since I’d been there. Already cleared with prof so thanks for the help.  Gloria Francis will be coming out to the house in Oct. Thats my mother.  So here goes the evaluation.  Have you thought of that have you looked at this. Your really should dont forget to you really need to.  Oh its coming.  Ive started to spend more time in the room that Tiffany and I painted.  Its good to have good friends.  She has been the only person that never gets mad at me. I think you need those kinda  people in your life. Alway proud, always glad to see you, always kinda cool with you. You see I get people mad at me all the time. So what you gonna do.  I guess that’s something I got to work on. With her I dont. ok enough of the update. Hey both of you thanks for reading.  Tomorrow I’ll do something that I said I was done with and that was be in a video.  It is my secret way of staying of stage. That I wont do.