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So who goes to taos new Mexico ? Old white people. Lots of fun so far. Went hiking this morning heading to peublos this afternoon then to the whirlpool. Had breakfast with two couples this morning the single black dude we were a sight. I’m sitting in the plaza having lunch now.

Ok so I’ve started back class and they have asked me to start a class blog. So instead of starting a new one I will be taking you along for the ride. Ok im sitting outside if class right now Typing on the old iphone. I never understand
How people connect so fast. It’s like they know each other so well I think this is mostly me. I can hear roger an officer from mountainbrook. He’s a good guy we end up in class a lot which is fine. Anyway that class I think it’s called urban studies or something like that. Should be fun it’s one of my electives so you know how that goes. Well it’s getting close to time a. I just read over a bit and I sound like a teenager talking about his first day of school. Oh something else I’m trying since I can’t read my handwriting I will be taking notes ok my computer. Well see how that goes eishe luck. Oh the prof is here I’ll try and take pictures soon of her actually each of them do you can see a face and a name

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It’s not just the economy that has affected this firm. I have many friends who have worked for BSSB/LifeWay over the years. A decision was taken in the early 1990’s to walk away from its distinctive Baptist identity (the renaming from Baptist Sunday School Board to LifeWay), and identify itself as a generic provider of product to the evangelical marketplace. It abandoned its core loyal following in the attempt to to chase after a market it did not know, and which did not know it after it attempted to change its identity. This approach proved unsuccessful, to state it mildly.

Several reorganizations followed, consolidations and downsizings, as it attempted to recover from this blunder. Amongst the executives fired was the guy who susequently oversaw the marketing of one of the best selling books of the past twenty years, in any market. He had attempted to place the book at Lifeway, and they would have none of it.

Economies go through cycles, and we’re definitely heading through the down cycle just now. But this firm’s woes run much deeper.

Let’s wish them well, and hope they get their legs back under them.
8/2/2008 8:57:20 PM


I hadnt really written about anything in a real long time.  Most times its just some lame list or about what I happen to be doing.  Ok after a brief pause I will continue.  Ive been doing a lot of self examination lately and in the last week or the last couple of days have done a ton. Maybe its because suddenly my past has started to look me up on facebook.  Now all the things that you thought you would be  come flying back to you.   Ive had a couple things said to me lately and in the past that may drive me a little crazy.  I think partly because its like this broken life record you know. OK yeah im vague the last time I brought something like this up in this forum I got yelled at so…yeah. Anyway I kinda lost my trian of thought.  A buddy of mine asked me how I was.  I couldnt really answer that.  I really dont know.  I think I just realized something. I dont know anyone who knows a lot about me.  Or I guess someone I tell a lot to. I think the older I get the less in common I have with people.   i think someone told me that men and women can be good friends.  I wonder who told me that.   Makes me think of that movie pretty in pink. (oh and by the way if you made it this far you have realized there is no structure to this) So pretty in pink. The character ducky a guy I have identified with for years.  Did you know most people identify themselves with the outcast at school. Here is one for you. I never went to any school dances, dates or even remember many of the people I went to highschool.  I once won and award and after the event I went out to dinner by myself.  Yeah  I knew what ducky was talking about. A girl that I thought was awesome rejected me real good. I still talk to her to this day.  She doesnt remember it.  They never do.  Well this was kinda all over the place. A bit of a whiner post I think. ok . back to it started some laundry.