church visit

I went to visit a church today. wont say where. i watched this guy fall asleep. he was how I felt.



so im sitting in a hotel in lima and i wanted to write something profound about my experience. this has been a different one. taugh me a lot about these trips. we had more students this time so more personalities.  which is good. it taught me a lot.  i think i have soem ideas of how to make these even better and its more about what kids have said rather about anything i have come up with.  the group has left and im here watching a few that dont feel so well.  oh and i just tried to load firefox on this computer with no success. as i was saying it has been a good trip and a long one for this group.  i would put up soem pictures but im nervous of what it would do to this computer so that will have to wait.  ok peace out.

The Fish Company Newsletter

Ok folks out there. I’ve got a little issue. I have no idea how many people find their way to this blog that would cause any 4th grade english teacher to jump off the nearest cliff but I’m in need of your help. I have decided to take an unconventional route in writing a news letter for Student Life. For some of you who don’t know that’s who I work for. Anyway put that out of your head and forget about that. Anyway our department was asked to take on News letters for lets use a code name “The Fish Company.” So as you will read in the brief description below I’m taking the fish company’s newsletter more towards a sort of online magazine. This could pretty much bomb but hey life is filled with risk right? Well here I am. {Oh dont worry there is a copy editor.} Anyway. I’m looking for people from the blogesphere who should have their musing and insights brought to light. I have already asked for and commissioned some of you for help. Aaron Ivey, Steven Bush, Dustin Beasley, Taylor Robinson. I am at the moment working on my article called “Im thirty and haven’t changed the world…yet” Let me know if you would like to be part of this endeavor. Lets help each other as we navigate not being quite dead yet. “Figure that out” I want us to be heard and I want to give you a voice. So let’s talk. Feel free to pass this on. I’m looking for some ladies.

The Fish Company Newsletter

Why a newsletter?

A couple of weeks ago I was approached to take on the task of revitalizing the newsletters for The Fish Company. These newsletters will go out to Youth Ministers and adults who are involved with The Fish Company in some way. The first question I asked was what’s the age group of our audience? I knew the groups we were sending the newsletters to, but I needed to know the age of the typical reader. They then asked me what age group I would like to target.

I thought about it a bit and answered, “Mine.”

What does that mean you ask? It means this: I can pretty much write—and direct others to write—for people 20-35 years old. Any older than that and I start to get out of my area of expertise. They agreed, so here we are.

So why this newsletter? Simple. The Fish company would like to communicate with the leaders they serve. I believe there is an age group of ministers, both male and female, that have many of the same struggles and joys that we here at The Fish Company have. But, honestly, we don’t talk about this enough with each other. I believe that ministers my age are looking to connect more and more with each other and with the world around them. My hope for this newsletter is not just to show you the new things going on at The Fish Company, but for it to be a place where you can be challenged and educated about the world around you.

What’s in it?

I want this to be more than a newsletter. Whereas normal newsletters let you know the happenings of an organization, this newsletter will show the heart of an organization. Many of the articles you’ll read will either be written by people at The Fish Company, or people I have met in the blog world. My hope is that as this continues to grow we can solicit people outside of my circle. The first few issues will rely heavily on story ideas from the Fish Company staff. As the newsletter evolves, the goal is for readers to contribute to stories, expressing their collective desire to communicate with this generation of youth workers.

I want this newsletter to be informative and entertaining without being too heavy. My thought is that a person should be able to read every article in one sitting. That’s why the length of the articles will only range from 400-600 words. But the newsletter won’t just be writing. Here is what we are planning in terms of structure.

There are four distinct sections that we will always have in each issue.

Media— The media section will cover all things media, from how to use it correctly to what it accomplishes. During our events we get a lot of ministers that ask how we did a certain video or set, and what type of equipment to they need to do it. In the media section we will give users a little peek under the hood, and also give a little advice how to meaningfully use media.

World— We believe the world is our community. We can no longer only consider things that happen in the US as the end of the story. In the world section we want ministers outside of the country to have a place to be heard. We want the newsletter to be a place where we highlight the work they are doing. We want to encourage ministers to guide their students towards lives of servanthood. The world section will be used to expand minters’ and students’ worldviews.

Message— The message section is in tended to be the voice of the twenty-to-thirtysomething youth worker. After all, we are part of a unique place in history. We grew up watching technology make incredible strides. We watched as computers became integrated into our daily lives. We saw the start of the worship movement. And in our professional lives, we are transitioning from being managed to being mangers. In the message section our hope is to deal with issues that effect our students . . . and us.

Truth— It seems over the past few years there has been a resurgence of the Bible not just being what we open to teach our students, but a book central to our daily lives. During the truth section, we will always come back to what the Bible says about a particular issue. I believe we sometimes forget how truly practical the Bible is. We assume that “teaching and rebuking” is only meant for our students. In the truth section we will tackle big issues and work through them together.

Marketing— The name says it all, right?

Waste of Time— The waste of time section is just that. From Youtube clips, to podcasts, to interesting websites, to flash video games . . . you’ll find it here. Listen, we know you are busy. Everyone needs a few moments of down time to unwind. You’ll find plenty of options for doing just that in the waste of time section.

Extra— The extra section will be a sort of bonus section for us. We want to keep you in the loop of the cool books we’re reading, blogs that have affected us, music we are listening to, and so on.

So there it is.


OK so where am I right now. Im in a tornado shelter right now. Around 12:30 our phone rings in my room and I avoid it for a while.  It keeps ringing so I get up and hang up the phone and go right back to sleep. The next thing that I know is that it keep ringing. So I pick it up. A very apologetic dude on the other end said sorry but there is a tornado and I need you to go to this particular room. So I head there and look who I find 200 kids gathered in one room.  So I sat in that room fro a while until a savior came and got me and sent me to a room next door where only about 20 people where.

Why every one is in that other room escapes me but hey I’m not in charge.  Ok well that’s the end of the story. For some reason taylor doesnt want to come in here.  Hmmmm


For some reason Taylor stayed.


So Im sitting in the back of the room of another camp.  You something else you should do if you havent is sit in a camp office and listen.   College students who give up a summer find there way there and discuss the happens of camp.  “oh I got a dancer back here, I remember her from last night she  almost ran into me” Any way it is a good thing listening to them .  When you thought your struggles wouldnt be the same struggles when you thought your world was all encompassing.  I’ll get that back soon. Life is a great thing folks. A great thing.   Wow it so loud in here. I’m getting old I think . i guess Im not 40. Now that would be real old. Or like Hannah. That’s real old too.  You know Jason our full time lighting guys just came to mind.  he has to sacrifice.  Zach attack is home. I would love to pick him up and bring him out here to surprise jason some time.  Maybe put him in a suitcase or something.  I started a project today that is not going so well. You know when you dont want a guy to explain what he wants for you to do again because of fear of him seeing that you really dont think the project is a good one. Well this is one of them.  So compassion was tonight. I did one packet where a kid too it and one where they paid.  Ok im out now I’ll get back to you.