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You ever feel like a hooker in church? For some reason I felt like that today. Hands sweaty, eyes kept looking around. Yes weird I know. I hadn’t been in a while not for any good reason or some fundamental difference with Church policy laziness. Pastor said it best lazy Christian. While sitting there I realized God had been whispering or maybe yelling all day. Like I noticed this father talking with his some. Dont know why I just did. he was about 3 or 4. I dont know what the kid did but I know he was in trouble. Here is the part that caught my eye. He wasn’t yelling down to the kid. He was eye level with him. I heard the phrase “do you understand?” So he came down to this Hooker and said “do you understand?” When your job is doing ministry work you can become a lazy Christian. Ive been a lazy Christian for a bit. But he didnt yell down to me. He came down and asked me. No I have no argument of the theological argument of how God speaks to us. I just know I was a hooker in church today. Feeling like I shouldnt be there. feeling like I got stuff to work out before i can come back here. Feeling like im a failure right now so let me work it out and then I’ll come back. Hmm hooker in church. Well tha’s kinda all I got.

Oh I also think the phrase may be whore in church.




So what do you want me to do?


I don’t want you to do anything.


So why am I here?


You’re here because you feel guilty.


I have nothing to feel guilty about.  You liked it just as much as I did.


Oh yeah I like feeling marginalized. 


You like feeling needed and you couldn’t help it that I didn’t need you anymore. 


I like feeling needed?  I like feeling needed!  This was your idea.  I told you it wouldn’t work but here you are and here I am.  Once again giving up more than I’m willing to give.  And for what?


A chance. 


I’m done with chances.  


So just like that..


Yeah.  Just like that. 

What I did today

OK so Im going to show you what Ive been up to.  Im thinking of writing a blog for new homeowners. I make so many mistakes it would be good for people to learn from those mistakes.  Ive only been here 6 months too.   ok now the pictures. 

Never been so mad to find something that was lost.  I found my stupid wallet. After two days of calls and canceled.  no not mad pissed.  Ugh


Ok so I’m back at it. Im sittin gon the porch right now listening to Market place on my Ipod.   I have been spending a lot of time out here. And like most of said as facebook statusti that “Trying to enjoy the out doors” I’ve been watching this tree in my backyard grow. Its been great seeing it go from death to life.  Nope Im not going to have some per found scriptural moment here. That was it.  I’m also listening to the kids playing in the front yard across the street from me.  Seems like a nice family.  You know its funny the emotions you can go through in a couple of days.  Nothing intense but I’m finding it interesting.  I wonder sometimes if Ive met all the people Im going to met and become friends with.  Ok so  mosquito just bit me. I guess that means Im going to need one of those tiki torches or something.  I was thinking about the bug light thing but who wants to hear that the whole time you are on the porch right.   it may also be the light on my screen thats not helping .  You know my earlier statement is kinda lame. Because I just met Aaron and Bush and wives and I would consider them my friends.  Right.  I tried to think if I make a good boyfriend. Hold on people let me explain.  There are some people that would say “Yeah Im good at”  I dont think I am or a good dater.  There are all these things that you should do right.  Example. I was eating out with some lady friends the other day and when they walked up what did I do.  Instead of standing like any gentleman should do I sat there.  Now that’s lame. You know I should do names.   I’m listing to this american life from this past weekend. You would know what I’m talking about if you’ve heard it. Amber and Hannah. I apoligize for my lapse in gentlemanism.    Ok Moving on.

Big joke

500,000 to me and 500,000 to some charity.  I’ll be starting the drewfrancis foundation and give it to myself.  I win.  So yeah I missed the whole season. My life came up.  Keep giving.  Your challenge starts Neoooow


ok so the real reason why I havent been around is because I havent been able to insert a picture. I know its probably me.  It happened again.  I’ll try again tongiht with out it I don’t know how else to write .

So its been a little bit since I had posted. i think i through some video up that I found on oprah. Oh if my mom had scene that. So tour is over and Im trying to figure out what Im supposed to do. I think what Im going to do is make sure tech is ready and I guess finish some tour stuff and then help out camp as much as I can. I may just look through some stuff so I dont walk around saying I dont know what’s going on. Right now because of modern technology Im sitting on my porch writing this post. Ive got wait wait dont tell me playing in the background. Guilty pleasures. Anyway so I got this tattoo thing.I had planned on it and it happened I actually would like some more. Oh I almost forgot. So the great work ou to 2008 is underway. i made my way to the YMCA this morning. it was great I will continue to do that. every morning. I waited too long though. I should have gotten started earlier. So I had a hip hop thursday today. done