So I wrote this for and I don’t think it has been posted yet So here is the unedited script enjoy. We always say that to help cover us not taking the time to prepare something.

Hi my name is Drew Francis. I’ve always wanted to start a sentence off like that.  I made the mistake of saying that I have nothing to do right now and the editor or Realstudent life overheard that.  So. Here I am.  I’ve been traveling on the student life tour so I’m in and out of the office every week, which is why I have find, my self with some free time. While I have been feeling detached from the people I work with I have been in the midst of what we do every week.   I want to address something that I feel needs to be addressed.  It is the art of “saved seat.”  Now I know what you are saying what does this have to do with our faith. Trust me by the end you’ll get it.   Saving seats are an old custom going back many years. I would think the Greeks where the first to do it.  Within the last 100 years we had laws here in the south that made it unlawful for certain people to sit in those seat.  Thank you to the civil rights movement.  I can now sit anywhere I’d like.  That now brings me to the typical worship service. In the days of my grandmother there were certain seats that families sat in and if you took those seat you were frowned upon.  I find it funny that you look down on someone who made the effort to come to church but it was another time.  Now that brings me to the events we do here at student life.   We have tried to make student life events a first come first serve type of event.  We give all equal chances to sit up front or in the back, whatever your desires maybe. This now brings me to trend that I guess is not a trend because it has been happening so often.  It is now an epidemic.  During tour we send people to a lunch break.  We have found that people leave their belongings to, yes, save their seat for them to return.   What I find hard to believe is that someone would feel that they have the authority to deny the rest of the audience to the very privilege, no right that they were afforded.   Why do these same groups not say to themselves that they are going to put others before themselves and give up those seats for others to have that same privilege?  To save that seat is to deny the very reasons that you come to an event for that renewing of fire and focus of service that you came looking for.  Am I talking out of turn or does it not make sense that if leave a building for two hours you shouldn’t think that you could come back to the exact same spot that you left.   Here is what I say.  If you believe what I believe then stand up to those groups that take up entire rows only keep people from the very experiences that they have come to love.  I know what you are saying, “Shouldn’t that be your job?” This is something that only the people can handle.  Now here is the question I have for you. Do you believe that God can only work in the front row?


back at it

Ive realized something about myself today.  I used to get upset at events. Always tense. ready to pounce.  Maybe its age.  I just don’t get too hung up on things like that.  I can see that people wouldn’t mind if I got a little fired up. Sorry those days are gone.  Im sitting in my room trying to think about what type of day I will have tomorrow.  There is a photo that has brought me such joy that I will share with you now. I will comment on it tomorrow. If there is anyone out there send me your best middle school picture and I’ll post it and tell you a story about yourself.


This is what life is about. I’ll tell you about this person tomorrow.

Apple Interview

So I just came back from my interview. They said that I need to set up training. It looks like drew has a job at the apple store. What will I do with all my new found wealth.  I interviewed with Colline.  Very nice. She asked me why i wanted to work that. I gave a reason like “I dont want to be in charge” It looks like a fun place to work.  So now I have to schedule a time that I can go and train. She says it is two 8 hour days. That may be a little hard to do but I’m up to the task I think.  Retail. Fun  Aaron was kinda of my inspiration when he talked about his starbucks story. I want to be around more people. it will be good to come in contact with others that dont work at student life. i guess that was school but I just want to get out of there when I’m there. So we will see where that goes.  She asked me how I would sell to a grandmother.  I had to think about that when I dont have anything in front of me. I talked about iphoto a lot. I think that is their selling point or at least a focus. People using I photo. I will leave you with me in the apple store. If i do get the job I think most of my postings will be on the apple store.

my applestore

Back to the start

Well it has almost been a year and it has taken me some time to get back to writing about what is going on in my life. Towards the end I just started posting pictures. I didnt event give them a title I just posted them and that was it that. Well I will try not to do that too much. Sometimes I guess I figure the picture is enough. Tonight Im watching deer hunter. Didnt know too much about it but I know now why it won awards. It would be what most people would call a war movie. Terrible thing what war does. ANyway I’ve been doing that and working on this at the same time. I dont even feel like I have been living lately. Working during the week and on the weekends doesnt do too much for me being able to make much of my life. I must clarify something or at least change my view. I once was a person that said kids were not for me. THat having children was not in my cards. Over the past years I would say that that feeling isnt there. I think it was more of a fear of thinking what would I do with a kid. I guess we all have that some time or another. Marriage I think would also be one of those things I would say what do I know the son of divorce. I guess I could tell you what not to do. I think being older I would do better at it. had a little time to think about it. mmmm

Im back

wine and old people

there is something about watching old people get drunk or can I say get warm. They start to say anything they want. I encountered such people the night before when i went to help a friend out. Whenever I am at places like that I feel like a lawn jockey or the hired help. I get pointed and called over with the flick of a wrist. I pretty much walked around doing my job as usually. I was about to relay a conversation but it took me so long to transfer over to this I have lost the urge. I will though leave you with a

Now that that is out of the way. Im sitting on my computer while sound check. Im about to pick up the guys form the airport. I am going to look at a new blog soon. well actually right now. When I find it I will let you know.