So today is valentines day and just like other single person out there I feel that I should say something. While this is very cliche. I know this is what everyone does. They expound on how it’s such a sad day like all holidays. I really didn’t think about it until just now. I’m listening to this podcast from This American Life. Stories of failed love. I know what that’s about. It’s funny I’ve been rejected a couple of times. They say that that’s good for the soul. Hmm . Well you can keep that. What do they say you have to get back on the saddle. I thought about that the other making a bold move. Bold moves. You know like that commercial. Then I remembered other bold moves. I was talking with a friend that said bold moves never work out. Then I remembered that none of my bold moves ever worked out so…yeah. Now he last move I made took about three weeks that worked out for the best. But alas it doesn’t always last right. Anyway. Bold moves. Valentines day. It’ s coming to a close. Nope nothing happened. I know I still have time. Booty call maybe. Yes you may laugh out loud or give me a call.


Late night talks and Delta

So school has been kicking my butt lately. I’m just kinda keeping my head above the water. This past week I traveled a whole bunch and that did it for me. Something is happening in my life lately. It’s a good thing. The kind of thing you just happen to notice. Well anyway. I was in San Diego for the first time. Nice place didn’t really stay there that long so I really didn’t get experience it you know. We met with a group called Youth Specialties. And boy are they special. I think many of the people I work with would fit in with them perfectly but I would argue that they are right where they should be. I’ve been having some good late night, well, late night for me chats. Ichats. It’s funny when you can type you seem to talk about different stuff. You can even go back to what you said to see what you had had had said. Kinda fun. Like email with out the email. I could talk to them for a long time I think. Any way good talks. The website is coming along. I need some free time. The summer will be it. So don’t look for anything till after the semester is over. Computer has been working out well. It is so good to see a screen. I need to be in the gym my energy is so low right now and I haven’t been thinking well. Ok I’m going to post the pictures now. These are from my trip to San Diego. I will post some from the tour stuff but I’ll do that another day.