And so ends Christmas night. I spoke with my dad just a few minutes ago. He’s moving back to Jamaica at the end of the week. I wished him good luck and that I would talk to him soon. I am packed and ready for Texas. Texas again. I feel like I live there. I visit that state the most. I’ll be away for a little bit. Can’t believe that school will start for me soon. This past semester was bit of a joke. I was looking at my schedule and it says that I am a full time student. How did that happen? I’ve started to wonder why this is free. Blogger that is. I really don’t know why. I don’t see any ads or anything. Well I really don’t need to know. I spoke with Bonnie on the phone today. That was a great surprise. Another day. I have to come up with something that I need to do this year. I need some goal something to attain. No I’m not getting married. and I’m not going to buy a car. I don’t know, maybe I’ll….mmm.The picture above was taken while driving through the hills in Ecuador. I took so many pictures I don’t know if I can post them all. I have a weird love for Latin America even though my Spanish is horrible. I pretty much embarrass myself when I speak it.


Christmas eve

I’m actually working on putting together a photo post of the last couple of years. But then I was looking at some of last year’s Christmas post and I decided to give a taste of what I am doing.

I’m going to Egypt baby

I find out more and more that my sister and I are a lot alike. That’s funny because growing up we…well let’s just say we weren’t the best of friends. Now I guess its the type of thing where your family is all you got. Friends seem to come and go. I’ve known her all my life. Now, why the picture. She has wanted to go to Egypt. I said if I have my spring break at the same time. Well guess what folks I do. In March my sister..the Yale Professor…yeah I’m pretty proud…she would say it’s no big deal…will be traveling together to Egypt. 24 hours together for a week. We’ll be OK.

I know someone has been downloading pictures of me so I thought you may want another one. I’m lying.

Sat. Night

I realized just a few moments ago that when I’m not in school I don’t really know what to think about. I could think about work but that has fallen from being at the top of the list. It is as if I were back in college again working through my BA with the world ahead of me. I can’t wait to see what is next in store. I’m watching West Wing to be inspired again. Great TV. I remember when TV was great. I think it was during the hey day of E.R. great TV. I’ve started my accumulation of items that I want on my around the world trip. It will happen. Then I will try to find what I should do next. Well enough talk of that it won’t be for some time so who cares. I’m adding some raw video of something that we shot in Ecuador. It is one of the shots that I like the most. I also included one shot that I took today. I’m waiting to get my car back before I go back to getting church photos.

Walk On

I realized today that I’m getting older. No. That’s a good thing. I realized that sometimes, only sometimes that I have good ideas and sometimes I even have insight….or…at least I think I do. It’s funny thing. I’m going to finish a very bad paper here in the next hour. Come hell or high water, I’m going to do it. I bought my around the world book. Come hell or high water I will traverse this planet. Who wants to come with me. I’m going to look for myself. Well maybe look around a bit. I will start to walk first. Little by little looking around until I am lost. God grant me one request that I don’t regret. Walk on.