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Sunday Church

Today I started my series. These are some of the first test shots. I think I need to get closer. Maybe see if I can get inside the church for the first part of the service. Well here they are. Any advice would be welcomed. Forgot to say this. I’m also thinking of doing all black and white. I thought of this when someone said that Sundays in Birmingham are one of the most segregated days of the week. We’ll see.

Great Afternoon

I just spent the evening with two great women. Rashel and Lena. I’m sure many people were wondering how I ended up with these two. Well be jealous. On the way home I saw that the lights were on at the Alabama so I took some pictures. I also took some of the 22nd street Baptist church. My book is well underway. I think I will make it a year project so that I get all the seasons.


I have decided to move here not just because of Randy but I needed something that was easier to work with and less busy. I’ve gotten to a crossroads of sort. At the end of failed relationship. At the start of something new. So I bought a camera and now I think I’m the photographer. I’m going to start a small series. Sunday mornings. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to visit some churches as they let out. I’ll try and post them as I go but it will take a couple of weeks if not months to complete. I’ll start this Sunday and I guess see where that will take me. For now here is a link to another slide show. I’ve got to get over these. I am torn between which I like better the flikr or the slide show. I could embed this but it would just keep scrolling so I’ll give you the choice.